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Indonesian Language for foreigners – 100% Effective

Indonesian Language for foreigners
Indonesian Language for foreigners

Indonesian language for foreigners. As of now, there are a lot of foreigners who want to learn Indonesian. Whether or not its for business purposes or for learning about the history of Indonesia. Indonesian language for them is an interesting and unique language. Other than that, it helps foreigners to communicate with the Indonesian community.

Truffle. As a foreigner living in Indonesia who wants to learn the Indonesian language from the basics, it is better for you to first pay attention to several things. For foreigners, learning Indonesian is hard, much like Indonesians learning English.

Tips For Learning Indonesian Language for Foreigners

Pay Attention to the Language Course School

Indonesian Language for Foreigners. As of now, there are a lot of Language institutions in the city of Bogor which is not government incorporated but they still open language courses. It is better for foreigners who want to learn Indonesian to choose a language course that is government corporated. Because if the institution is government corporated their curriculum is most likely very good.

Choose a Professional Teacher.

Indonesian Language for Foreigners. Look for a Language Teacher who masters the methods, techniques and strategies of teaching Indonesian for foreigners. This should be a priority, because teaching Indonesian for foreigners is much different than teaching Indonesian for citizens of Indonesia. Other than that, it is better for foreigners to choose a Teacher that has experience in teaching Indonesian for foreigners.

And foreigners should pick a curriculum that is approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Because with the curriculum, we will know the methods and strategies that the Language teacher will teach. The Curriculum will also determine how long you will learn in 1 level/book.

Indonesian Language for Foreigners. TRUFFLE, as a Professional and trusted  Foreign Language Course, Truffle has an Indonesian class program for foreigners.

If you want to learn Indonesian, you can come to our Language school at :

Jl. Kantor. Pos No.5, RT.04/RW.11, Baranangsiang, Kec. Bogor Tim., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16143

and contact us at:

Hariri 0811 8623467

Desti 0811 8623465


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