Truffle Kursus Bahasa Asing #1 di Bogor.

Language School in Bogor

Language School in Bogor. Learning foreign languages ​​is a provision for all of us to face opportunities in the competitive era of globalization. Everyone needs to compete in the world of globalization if they want to make progress and not be stationary. If we mastera  foreign language ​​we can communicate better, so that the insights we have in information technology will be wider and certainly have great provision to step in a world where technological progress is always moving forward rapidly.

Therefore, Truffle is here as a Foreign Language School in Bogor with an international curriculum and competent teachers. We are very happy to help you with our international curriculum and teachers that are competent. Truffle has a multiple foreign language courses including German, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Italian, French. In addition, not only that Truffle provides foreign language courses. but for those of you who have friends, colleagues, or relatives who come from abroad and want to be fluent in Indonesian, they can take an Indonesian language course for foreign speakers (BIPA).

Language School in Bogor
Language School in Bogor

Truffle as a Language School in Bogor

Truffle provides foreign language courses for children starting from the age of 5 years old to adults and even seniors. Not only that, but Truffle also has facilities that are comfortable for learning environment. Our methods will allow you to learn in  cousre with ease and with great quality within Bogor such as; Bojong Gede, Cilebut, Cibinong, Sentul City, BNR (Bogor Nirwana Residence), Warung Jambu, Cimahpar, Parung, Baranangsiang, Padjajaran, Sukasari, Batutulis, Cipaku, Tajur, Ciawi, Padjajaran, Ciomas and others around.

In learning a foreign language, we should take a foreign language course so that the learning process is more precise. For that, you need to know what benefits you get if you take a foreign language course, especially in Bogor, including:

  1. Geting guidance and direction from experts
  2. More disciplined in learning
  3. Can practice speaking a foreign language ​​in the classroom
  4. Increased your self confidence

Location of the Language School in Bogor

Location and Whatsapp Number for Foreign Language School in Bogor. Maximum service to help you learn a foreign language, Truffle has a strategic location which is;

Jl. Kantor. Pos No.5, RT.04/RW.11, Baranangsiang, Kec. Bogor Timur., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16143

Phone Number / Whastapp Number of the Language School in Bogor

For those of you who want to ask for more information about Truffle regarding the information on registration requirements and procedures, course fees, types of classes provided, language programs, and others, you can contact our friendly and informative Marketing at this number;

0811 8623 465 a/n Desti
0811 8623 467 a/n Hariri


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